About us



BOBET Matériel is the specialist of supplies and materials for food industries.

We manufacture and distribute a range of 15 000 references which are divided into 6 main families :

  • Personal Protective Equipments (boots, shoes, gloves, disposable clothes, cut-resistant gloves and aprons…)
  • Production supplies (knives, sharpening steels, slaughtering materials…)
  • Hygiene supplies (cleaning products, brushes…)
  • Maintenance supplies (wheels and casters, stainless steel hardware, couplings, hoses…)
  • Stainless steel materials (tables, trolleys, hand-washers, boot-washers, sole-washers…)
  • A range of detectable items (ear plugs, scoops, pens, scissors…)

Our team is composed of 34 technical salesmen, equipped with store vans, which allows us to bring you our knowledge and our expertise directly on your site throughout the country.

Our logistics hub in Champagné in the Sarthe enables us to send you in France 90% of the complete ordered at D+1 or D+2 depending on the area.


1978 - Creation of Bobet Matériel by Jacques BOBET

1984 - Development of the first electric boot-washer

1988 - Creation of the stainless steel boiler shop (fabrication of standard tailored material)

1989 - Purchase of TERMET, manufacturer of the “Matador” slaughtering pistol and of specific slaughtering materials.

1997 - Purchase of MANULATEX, manufacturer of chainmail gloves, puncture-resistant aprons and work aprons.

2002 - Development of the SHARP’EASY knife sharpener.

2003 - Construction of the logistics hub of 30 000 m3.

2013 - Development of the O’Knife oyster knife marketed under the NOVAC entity

2014 - Development of our B-SHARP sharpening machine

2016 - Purchase of TRIDENTUM in Hungary

2017 - Purchase of SODIAVI in Britany

2018 - Purchase of VNP in Vendée

2018 - Creation of the training company FT2A

2019 - Creation of VOLATEK ( merger of Sodiavi and VNP)

Bobet Matériel : 72470 Champagné - FRANCE | Tél: +33(0)2 43 74 33 74 | FAX: +33(0)2 43 89 28 83